What We Do

Global Brand Reputation With our ever-expanding network of real estate professionals, we are fast becoming one of most prestigious real estate networks. Lifestyle Marketing We set high standards in the professional real estate service sector with our multi award-winning ‘lifestyle’ marketing approach and delivers a portfolio of exclusive high-end properties that are marketed uniquely, creatively and effectively to the widest possible audience.

Services Offered Includes:


  • Home Ownership Services
  • Commercial Services
  • Leasing Services
  • Brokerage Services
  • Land Matters
  • Advisory Services


Strives to offer:

* The finest quality designs
* Site preparation
* Cost Estimates
* Construction,
* Repairs and Alteration to clients needing large scale construction services

Whether it be office buildings, warehouses, large apartment complexes, public works etc. HM Chariots Construction maintains the highest standards of service in commercial construction services.

Brokerage Service

Helping Buyers locate all properties in their desired area in their price range and meeting their criteria.

  • We help in Coordinating and helping buyers to visit and view properties.
  • We Work with the buyer on their behalf in negotiations with the seller through their agent/broker.
  • Coordinating inspections, reports and repair negotiations.
  • Assist buyers through to closing and taking possession

Realtors Landscaping

We have some of the finest landscapers, who are gifted and also have gone ahead to acquire the relevant training that will make them create aesthetic effect in the environment that will be second to none.

Our professional services include:

  • Cooperative and professional Landscape Management.
  • Residential and Commercial Landscaping
  • Sprinkler System Installation and Repairs
  • Eco Friendly Irrigation System Installation and Repairs
  • Organic Gardens
  • Outdoor Lighting Design
  • Lawn Planting, Mowing and Maintenance
  • Tree and Shrub Planting, Maintenance and Removal
  • Hardscaping
  • And Much More

Property Management Services

HM CHARIOTS REALTORS in partnership with our sister brand – OGACARETAKER will ensure that every property that is kept within our care is properly managed because we are in business to deliver excellent services to both landlords and tenants.


We have been able to acquire all the relevant training and certifications in the field of property management so as to enable us to perform excellently well.

HM CHARIOTS REALTORS and OGACARETAKER look forward to delivering excellent services in terms of helping landlords and property owners effectively manage their properties and also providing conducive apartments and facilities to tenants at an affordable rate. Our business offerings are listed below:


* Facilitating a Purchase — guiding a buyer through the process.
* Facilitating a Sale — guiding a seller through the selling process.
* FSBO document preparation — preparing necessary paperwork for “For Sale by Owner” sellers.
* Property Maintenance
* Exchanging property.
* Auctioning property for our clients.
* Preparing contracts and leases.
* List the property for sale to the public
* Provide the seller with a real property condition disclosure (if required by law) and other necessary forms.
* Prepare necessary papers describing the property for advertising, pamphlets, open houses, etc.
* Hold an open house to show the property.
* Serve as a contact available to answer any questions about the property and schedule showing appointments.
* Ensure that tenants are pre-screened and financially qualified to rent / lease the property
* Selling of Fully Furnished Properties
* Selling of Landed Properties
* Property Management Consultancy and Advisory Services