HM Chariots Independent Business Partners ( IBP)

Now You Can Start Earning Between 50k to 300k  Monthly With Your Phone!

HM Chariots Independent Business Partners ( IBP)

Our IBPs are a team of Independent Realtors who partners with HM CHARIOTS REALTORS regarding our Real Estate Products or Property Management ( Oga Caretaker) Services

They act as intermediaries on behalf of the company in signing up clients who are interested in buying from any of our estates or are interested in engaging our Property Management services

Our IBPs work independently and are giving all necessary supports when it comes to closing deals.

With HM CHARIOTS REALTORS Independent Business Program, anyone can intially between 50,000 to 300,000 Naira on a Monthly basis and grow their income portfolio.

All that needed is an internet enabled phone and our IBPs are taught how to make money in Real Estate for free.

To get started as our IBP (Independent Business Partners) kindly call,Whatsapp +2348185403844 or click ” Apply Now” form below and you will be attended to as soon as possible.