Hm chariots

Who We are
H.M Chariots Realtors is a real estate company that offers commercial and residential real estate services to individuals and businesses. Some of our real estate services include Brokerage, Construction and Development, Leasing Land Matters Property management, Maintenance and Landscaping.

We are located in the heart of Lagos State, Nigeria and it’s our desire that even though we are starting local we have our eyes set on the global market.

Our main goal is to create a positive real estate experience while meeting clients’ needs. We realize our business is based on relationships and that every individual interaction makes a difference.

Mission Statement

H.M Chariots Realtors’ mission is to be the one of the most professional and ethical real estate company in AFRICA and to positively impact our clients and our community by –

Treating every Client very important

Deliver all our projects at a high professional level

Ensuring we transact without undermining our integrity

Always find a solution for all categories of clients we have

Always project where the market is going and take our client there


To create a world of Prosperous people who make their fortunes through investments in real estate.

Our Services:

  • Home Ownership Services
  • Commercial Services
  • Leasing Services
  • Brokerage Services
  • Land Matters
  • Advisory Services


Founder/ Chief Strategist

Engr. Simeon Ekundayo  Saidi

Legal Adviser/ Company Secretary

Barrister Mrs Bunmi Jacobs

Financial Consultant / Adviser

Mr Femi Fajebe





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